Wolfe Street Center to sponsor signing for “Pathways to Serenity,” a new book on recovery

Pathways to Serenity: One Day at a Time by David Palmer

(Little Rock, March 18, 2014)- The Wolfe Street Center will sponsor the introduction of a new book on addiction and recovery by former Wolfe Street chairman, David Palmer, titled “Pathways to Serenity: Overcoming your addictions one day at a time” beginning at 11 a.m. on March 26. Palmer, who was chairman in 1991 and 1992, […]

Did I nearly love my son to death?


…maybe. But now he’s in recovery by Chris Palmer It hasn’t really gotten any easier. Knowing my son William is in harms way is frightening. But the time I set aside to grieve gets shorter and shorter. It’s not because I get any more used to it. It’s because I know we are improving his […]

Overcoming addictions one day at a time; A letter from a Grandfather to his Grandson

My son, Christoper with his then 2 yr old son, William.

The following is a letter from me to my grandson, William Palmer (age 19), a patient at Cumberland Heights, a nationally recognized alcohol and treatment center west of Nashville. He is being treated for prescription drug abuse. The accompanying photograph shows my son, Christopher, hugging his then two-year-old son, William. A far better life awaits […]

Celebrating Recovery on St. Valentine’s Day


As St. Valentine’s Day, an event that has been associated with love and reconciliation for centuries, approaches, it is appropriate to revisit that day in 1991. That was when John Baker took his wife Cheryl to dinner to begin making amends for the alcoholic behavior that nearly destroyed their marriage. Baker, an alcoholic who had […]

The State Of Substance Abuse And What It Is Doing To Our Nation

Substance Abuse | One Day at a Time

On New Years day, one of my grandchildren, in the company of a “guardian,” flew from Little Rock to Nashville and entered a treatment facility to deal with his addiction to Oxycontin and possibly alcohol. Prior to the trip, there had been a brief intervention with close family members, and then my nineteen-year-old grandson was […]

Atheist fundraiser trashes Christmas. Again

atheist sign-NYCchristmas7

It’s that time of year. American Atheists Federation President, David Silverman, is making the talk-show rounds with his message of “who needs Christ during Christmas?” presumably to raise money before the new year for his non-profit company. His press release points to the Federation’s new Times Square billboard, put up on December 3, which states […]

Remembering That Day of “Infamy”

FDR-PearlHarborHeadline | David Palmer | One Day at a Time

I was 12 years old when my father, looking very grave, told us-my mother, sister and me-that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor on Oahu, one of the Hawaiian Islands. It was a picture perfect day in Summit, N.J., a charming commuter town 30 miles west of New York City. There was about a foot […]

In Autumn – a New Beginning

man drinking | one day at a time | alcoholic

One late afternoon in October 1978, I found myself at a deserted outdoor restaurant in Boulder, Colorado with only the bartender for company. In the lengthening shadows of the Rocky Mountains, chilled by the wind, I stood with drink in hand suddenly overcome by a sense of loneliness and isolation. I watched the lights wink […]

A Grandfather’s Tale: Thankful for Turkey


On Building Relationships A grandfather’s Tale By David Palmer The late Dr. Conway Hunter used to sponsor an annual, four-day Thanksgiving retreat at St. Simons Island off the Georgia coast for people in recovery from substance addictions, mainly alcohol. In November of 1990, I joined a contingent from Little Rock at the retreat. I was […]

Restoring the American family: A key to greatness


“The reason there is so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration of the African-American family.” With this statement, Bill O’Reilly, on Fox News the night of July 22, began to recast the national conversation about the plight of inner city blacks from a race problem to a family problem. “Right […]