Is Heroin Overtaking Your Community? Fight Back. You Aren’t Alone.

By David Palmer              I was having breakfast with a young man, call him John, following a Sunday morning Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, and he confessed to me that he had acquired a heroin addiction in addition to his alcoholism.          John, 32, has been abusing alcohol and other drugs for more than […]

New Hampshire Elections Reveal Significant Heroin Abuse in the State

By David Palmer The Presidential primary elections in New Hampshire are over and candidates have moved on to other state elections and caucuses. In the wake of intense media attention, they leave the revelation that the Granite state has a serious heroin problem. On NBC’s nightly news on February 3, under the headline “Our Families Are […]

Attention Schools, Students Need Help

By David Palmer Some of today’s college students are taking themselves way too seriously with their demands on college administrations which, in turn, are taking the students and their demands much too literally. It’s not good for either of them, but the colleges are supposed to be the adults after all. By chance I came across […]

The Days of Wine and Roses

  By David Palmer Right on schedule, there it was, “The Days of Wine and Roses,” on my TV menu. It was the day before New Year’s Eve, and the 1962 Oscar-nominated best picture of the year had just begun, once again reminding us of the consequences of alcohol abuse as we celebrate the coming new […]

A Response to the Terrorist Assault on our Communities

By David Palmer Much of America’s unparalleled success comes from the strength of its communities, and today, perhaps more than ever, they are under attack. The latest assault, resulting in 14 deaths, occurred in San Bernadino, California on December 2. It was carried out by terrorists representing the “radicalized” wing of the Muslim faith. Over the […]

A Faith-Based Community Plan to Reduce Drug Abuse

By David Palmer In a recent video, Republican Presidential candidate, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, gave the nation a pep talk on the urgent need to deal with the nation’s drug problem.  His call to action went viral on Facebook and other social media with six million viewers and counting. In his message, Christie spoke […]

Tackling Mental Illness and Addiction One Community at a Time

By David Palmer In his new book,  “A Common Struggle. A personal journey though the past and future of mental illness and addiction,” Patrick Kennedy describes his own harrowing struggle with drugs and alcohol and advocates for more aggressive treatment of both mental illness and addictions through the development of local resources in individual communities. It […]

Get a Grip, America. Stop Dithering!

By David Palmer Get a grip, America! Enough, already! Let’s stop the political dithering in D.C. and act grown up again. We face what amounts to a World War against terrorism, and our communities, traditionally our strength, are fractured by racial discord, ugly politics and disagreements over guns and psychotic killers. Let’s get back to basics. […]

Building a Community Infrastructure for Substance Abuse Recovery

By David Palmer Voters in New Hampshire, the early primary state for presidential candidates, are concerned about the nation’s growing drug abuse problem and its impact on their communities. They want something done. An Associated Press article in Little Rock’s Democrat Gazette reported that “in town halls and ‘meet and greets’ in Iowa and New Hampshire, […]

Captive – Single Mom’s Christian Message Overcomes Killer

By David Palmer On the face of it, Ashleigh Smith, a single mom and newly recovering meth addict with, at best, a fragile grip on sobriety was an unlikely role model, but on March 12, 2005, she proved herself worthy by helping to bring multiple killer, Brian Nichols, to justice. On that day, Nichols took […]