Overcoming Addictions – The Power of our Hometowns and Local Neighborhoods


  When World War II began in 1941, my father gave up his high paying public relations job on New York’s Madison Avenue, bought the local newspaper, the Summit Herald, in our home town of Summit, N.J. and went to work. He was forty, had a wife and kids, and was therefore exempt from military service, […]

Healing Inmates – How Do We Help Them Get Well?


Help inmates get well. Reduce cost of Prisons. By David Palmer It is a shocking fact that one out of a hundred Americans is in prison. Some of these inmates, regrettably, are truly bad people and should stay in prison. For the rest, we can, first, do a better job dealing with the drug addictions […]

The Untapped Potential of Prisons: Turning Inmates into Taxpayers


By David Palmer Early this summer, Paul Chapman, a former Alltel executive and now pastor at Little Rock’s Fellowship Bible Church, launched the “First Principles of Entrepreneurship” class for prison inmates at the inner city’s Scott Ford Center for Entrepeurship at Arkansas Baptist College. The program addresses on a local level the national problem of […]

Getting over your addiction problem.

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How I did it in Little Rock, Arkansas By David Palmer The movie musical, “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” featuring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell opened worldwide in 1953 and gave Little Rock, Arkansas a boost with the hit song that begins, “We’re just two little girls from Little Rock.” I saw the movie, a delightful romp, while […]

Putting the “neighbor” back in the “hood”


By David Palmer Put the “neighbor” back in the “hood.” That’s the rallying cry of Dr. Fitzgerald “Fitz” Hill, president of Little Rock’s Arkansas Baptist College. It’s a timely message as we reflect on the recent rioting in Ferguson, Missouri and other communities. Ten years ago, Fitz resigned his collegiate head-coaching job at California’s St. […]

It’s hip to be square

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Pastor Joe Focht, never one to tiptoe around an issue, recently took on alcohol abuse from the podium of his Philadelphia Calvary Chapel church. He is not in favor of it. Here are a few excerpts from a sermon last spring: “Alcoholism is not a disease. It’s an illness. And if it’s an illness why […]

In God We Trust

In God We Trust

By David Palmer I have been reflecting on President Barack Obama’s weak and tardy response to the turmoil and atrocities in the middle east. It took me back 70 years when another liberal president, Franklyn D. Roosevelt, confronted the atrocities of the German Third Reich and the imperial Japanese army without equivocation. Both had committed […]

A smart response to prison overcrowding can restore lives and save billions


By David Palmer It is ironic that here in the land of the free, America, three million citizens are in prison. That’s roughly one in a hundred at a total cost of about $39 billion a year. The emotional cost is immeasurable. If we are to make any headway in reducing prison populations, we will […]

Robin Williams dies. Why?

By David Palmer Eighty percent of substance abuse problems like alcohol, pot, and prescription drugs are complicated by mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and the like. In these “co-occurring” cases, both the addiction and mental health problems must be treated. We don’t know all the details of Robin Williams’ suicide on […]

Town doctor tackles pain pills

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In the “The Hungry Heart” By David Palmer “The Hungry Heart” produced by Kingdom County Productions is a 90 minute documentary film about how one community, St Albans, VT, is dealing with the devastation of opioid pain pill abuse—hydrocodone, percocet and Oxicontin, for example–among teenagers and young adults. St. Albans is a community of about […]