It’s hip to be square

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Pastor Joe Focht, never one to tiptoe around an issue, recently took on alcohol abuse from the podium of his Philadelphia Calvary Chapel church. He is not in favor of it. Here are a few excerpts from a sermon last spring: “Alcoholism is not a disease. It’s an illness. And if it’s an illness why […]

In God We Trust

In God We Trust

By David Palmer I have been reflecting on President Barack Obama’s weak and tardy response to the turmoil and atrocities in the middle east. It took me back 70 years when another liberal president, Franklyn D. Roosevelt, confronted the atrocities of the German Third Reich and the imperial Japanese army without equivocation. Both had committed […]

A smart response to prison overcrowding can restore lives and save billions


By David Palmer It is ironic that here in the land of the free, America, three million citizens are in prison. That’s roughly one in a hundred at a total cost of about $39 billion a year. The emotional cost is immeasurable. If we are to make any headway in reducing prison populations, we will […]

Robin Williams dies. Why?

By David Palmer Eighty percent of substance abuse problems like alcohol, pot, and prescription drugs are complicated by mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and the like. In these “co-occurring” cases, both the addiction and mental health problems must be treated. We don’t know all the details of Robin Williams’ suicide on […]

Town doctor tackles pain pills

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In the “The Hungry Heart” By David Palmer “The Hungry Heart” produced by Kingdom County Productions is a 90 minute documentary film about how one community, St Albans, VT, is dealing with the devastation of opioid pain pill abuse—hydrocodone, percocet and Oxicontin, for example–among teenagers and young adults. St. Albans is a community of about […]

For the alcoholic in your life, how about an intervention?


By David Palmer Interventions are a valuable tool in helping alcoholics and other drug addicts get well. And they come in various sizes and shapes. In my own case, a psychiatrist I was seeing in Denver about my acute anxiety realized after a couple of sessions that I was an alcoholic and directed me to […]

Why should I go to Al Anon?

Why should I go to Al Anon? He’s the one with the problem. By David Palmer If you are living with an alcoholic or have anything to do with one, chances are you need help, and Al-Anon meetings are a cheap and, for many, a priceless resource. More than twenty-four thousand of these free, 12-Step […]

Wolfe Street Center to sponsor signing for “Pathways to Serenity,” a new book on recovery

Pathways to Serenity: One Day at a Time by David Palmer

(Little Rock, March 18, 2014)- The Wolfe Street Center will sponsor the introduction of a new book on addiction and recovery by former Wolfe Street chairman, David Palmer, titled “Pathways to Serenity: Overcoming your addictions one day at a time” beginning at 11 a.m. on March 26. Palmer, who was chairman in 1991 and 1992, […]

Did I nearly love my son to death?


…maybe. But now he’s in recovery by Chris Palmer It hasn’t really gotten any easier. Knowing my son William is in harms way is frightening. But the time I set aside to grieve gets shorter and shorter. It’s not because I get any more used to it. It’s because I know we are improving his […]

Overcoming addictions one day at a time; A letter from a Grandfather to his Grandson

My son, Christoper with his then 2 yr old son, William.

The following is a letter from me to my grandson, William Palmer (age 19), a patient at Cumberland Heights, a nationally recognized alcohol and treatment center west of Nashville. He is being treated for prescription drug abuse. The accompanying photograph shows my son, Christopher, hugging his then two-year-old son, William. A far better life awaits […]